Naše knihovna

V naší knihovně si naši studenti mohou zdarma zapůjčit následující beletrii:

Level 2 - elementary / pre-intermediate:

Burnett, F.H.: The Secret Garden

Cooper, J.F.: The Last of The Mohicans

Gardner, J.J.: Men in Black

Loos, A.: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Montgomery, L.M.: Anne of Green Gables

Purvis, N.: Johnny English

Swift, J.: Gulliver´s Travels

Level 3 - pre-intermediate / intermediate:

Doyle, A.C.: Sherlock Holmes and The Mystery of Boscombe Pool

Shakespeare, W.: Romeo and Juliet

Shipton, P.: Titanic

Thackeray, W.M.: Vanity Fair

Level  4 intermediate / upper-intermediate:

Frank, A.: The Diary of a Young Girl

James, M.R.: The Locked Room and Other Horror Stories

Orwel, G.: 1984

Shakespeare, W.: Three Great Plays of Shakespeare

Wilde, O.: The Picture of Dorian Grey

Yen Mah, A.: Falling Leaves


Adams, D.: The Restaurant at The End of The Universe

Bulgakov, M.: The Master and Margarita

Hornby, N.: About a Boy

Rice, A.: The Witching Hour

Thompson, H.S.: The Run Diary

Walls, J.: The Glass Castle